Linus Bikes!

This is our fourth year proudly carrying the ever so beautiful Linus bikes. Based out of Venice, Ca they have been quickly catching on in Portland as an elegant, yet egalitarian city bike. All bikes come with sealed bearings in the front hub, a sealed bottom braket, great duel pivot Tektro caliper brakes and the most beautiful matching fully stayed fenders around! Below are descriptions of the bikes we’ll be carrying in 2013. All models will be available at the end of March 2013.


Roadster Sport $655

Roadster Sport

Back again, this three speed has a little more flexibility than it’s sibling the Roadster One. Some people think the three speeds won’t cut it in our town, but the gradation between the gears is so different it allows you to make it up most of the hills in Portland.

Sizes: Medium (51cm), Large (59cm) Colors: Black, Almond (new), Olive, Marine (new)

Roadster 8 $855

Roadster 8

A big departure from the Roadster Sport three speed, the Roadster 8 offers more gears as well as an all chromoly frame and fork, leather saddle and grips, and nice Schwalbe Delta Cruiser commuter tires. If you have longer commutes, this will be the bike for you.

Sizes: Medium (51cm), Large (59cm) Colors: Metallic Blue (new), Stone Grey (new)

Dutchi 1 $465

Dutchi 1

Holy Cow! Such a cute little single speed! It is sweet enough to make even the toughest bike rider smile.

Sizes: Medium (49cm) Colors: Spring (the green pictured, new), Cream (new)

Dutchi 3 $665

Dutchi 3

One of the more popular models for 2011 is back, this year with new colors! Still a great, versatile three speed, it will get you around town in style!

Sizes: Small (43cm), Medium (45cm) Colors: Black, Cream, Red, Marine (new), Sage (new)

Dutchi 8 $865

Dutchi 8

Oh, the Dutchi 8. In it’s second year of existence and we couldn’t keep it in stock. The big differences between the Dutchi 3 and the Dutchi 8 are the 8 has: an all chromoly frame and fork, 8 speeds, nicer tires, and a leather saddle and handlebar grips. It is a lot more for your money!

Sizes: Medium (45cm) Colors: Black and Cream

Mixte 3 $665

Mixte 3

Back again for the new season, this classic frame style still holds up. It has a great upright feel that allows you to ride through Portland in comfort. This year it comes in a larger size for taller ladies!!

Sizes: Medium (49cm), Large (new 56cm) Colors: Sky blue, Cream, Rosewood (new)

Mixte 8 $865

Mixte 8

The Mixte 8 is back again for it’s second year in Portland. With an all chromoly frame and fork, nice Schwalbe tires, and a leather saddle and grips, it’s still a functional yet highly attractive commuter.

Sizes: Medium (49cm) Colors: Sage, Cream