In our 7th year of selling Jamis bikes, we are still wholeheartedly in love with these bikes. Jamis has always had a reputation for getting a lot of bike for not a lot of money and the 2013 line continues this tradition. Jamis has an almost unbelievable lifetime warranty on all their steel frames and forks, even on bikes under $600! That is incredible in the bike industry and demonstrates how firmly they believe in what they are putting on the road.

For 2013 we are staying with most of the same bikes we’ve carried for years, the Satellite Sport and the Coda Sport. We are bringing on the Coda Comp, the Aurora, the Nova Race, the Bossanova as well as the Commuter 2.0. We are very picky about what we have to offer you and we believe all these bikes are gems

Satellite Sport


Back for its fourth year in production, the Satellite Sport is the best deal on the market. This is a serviceable, reliable entry level chromoly road bike that has clearance for full coverage fenders and eyelets for a rear rack. This is a great bike at a great price with a lifetime warranty on the frame and the fork.

  • Men’s colors: Black and Tiger’s Eye
  • Men’s sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61
  • Women’s colors: Seafoam and Tiger’s Eye
  • Women’s sizes: 48, 51, 54
  • Weight: 25.00 lbs

Read consumer reviews here: (Please note that these reviews are under the Jamis Satellite moniker, which is a $1,000 bike, but everyone is writing about the $700 Satellite SPORT)

Men's Color: Tiger's Eye

Women's Color: Seafoam

Coda Sport


Oh, the Coda Sport! One of the best sellers for us for the last several years, the 2013 will continue the tradition. This bike has a traditional road bike frame geometry but with a straight handlebar and easy to use trigger shifters that make riding comfortable and easy. It has such spunk and zip for a bike under $600. It’s steel frame and fork absorb the bumps in the road, the V-brakes allows for strong stopping power and the triple chainring and 8 speeds in the rear makes it so you won’t be intimidated by any hill. There is a slight rise in the stem to make it extra comfortable on your shoulders, neck and wrists and there is room for fenders and a rack! Phew! What more could you want. It’s a screaming deal!

  • Men’s colors: Black, Monterey Red
  • Men’s sizes: 15, 17, 19, 21, 23”
  • Women’s colors: Celery, Monterey Red
  • Women’s sizes: 14, 16 18”
  • Weight: 26.75 lbs

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Men's Color: Monterey Red

Women's Color: Celery

Coda Comp


The Coda Comp. This is a step above the Coda Sport. What that means is there are nicer components, (specifically a carbon fork, a nicer frame, wheelset, cranks, and shifters and it has a 9 speed cassette). It is a bit more nimble and aggressive of a bike due to the stem not having any rise which puts your positioning a bit more forward. It is a great upgrade for not a lot of money.

  • Men’s colors: Ano grey
  • Men’s sizing: 15, 17, 19, 21, 23”
  • Women’s color: Sage
  • Women’s sizing: 14, 16, 18”
  • Weight: 25.75 lbs

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Men's Color: Silver Mist

Women's Color: Sage

The Commuter 2.0


The Commuter series is what drew us to Jamis 7 years ago. These bikes have everything you need to get you started on your bike riding adventures. They are upright, comfortable bikes with 8 speeds to get you around the city with ease. They come with fenders, a rack and bell so you won’t need to buy additional things. They are a great value that keeps up with why Jamis is so dynamite.

  • Men’s colors: Black, Ano Blue
  • Men’s sizing: 15, 17, 19, 21, 23”
  • Women’s colors: Ano Blue, Silver Moon
  • Women’s sizing: 14, 18”
  • Weight: 28.25 lbs

Men's Color: Ano Blue

Women's Color: Silver Moon

Nova Race


The 2013 Nova Race has been tweaked this year in just the right ways. It now comes with Avid BB7 disc brake calipers, a 10 speed drive train with Tiagra components. It’s compact double crankset (50/34) makes any type of riding you do a breeze. There are eyelets on the rear dropouts so you can attach a rack and commute if you’d like to. In this price range, there’s not too much out there that has all these bells and whistles.

  • Unisex sizing: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61 cm
  • Color: Ano Silver
  • Weight: 23.75 lbs

Ano Silver



The Aurora is Jamis’ long standing touring bicycle. Its solid Reynolds chromoly frame and fork are just the beginning features to make all your long distance touring dreams come true. It has a 10 speed Tiagra drive train with bar end shifters, a triple crankset, an extra long head tube for ultimate comfort, and matching fenders and rack. All for under $1,000!

  • Unisex sizing: 47, 50, 53, 55, 57, 59, 62 cm
  • Color: Black Forest
  • WeightL 29.00 lbs

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Black Forest



The Bossanova. Quite simply put, this is a tweener. This is a road bike and a touring bike in one. It was designed a few years back for an all weather commuter that was sturdy, reliable but still zippy enough to make it “unbeast-like.” It’s carbon fork makes for an extra nimble ride. It also comes with the matching fenders and eyelets for front and rear racks.

  • Unisex sizing: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61cm
  • Color: Primer Grey
  • Weight: 27.50lbs

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Primer Gray