About Us

Just a small idea of who we are as a shop…

Back in the summer of 2001 a group of mechanics got together to open a non-profit bike shop in North Portland that focused on helping people learn to fix their bikes. We wanted to have a shop that was friendly, accessible, and affordable to anyone who walked in the door. Along with our retail and repair shop, we designed several after-hours programs that teach people how to work on their own bikes in a comfortable setting. All our programs were, and still are, on a sliding scale to ensure that no one would be turned away due to lack of funds.

We opened our doors in June of 2002 when Mississippi Street was just a small area (we are the fifth oldest business on the street!). For the past eight plus years we have been proving our neighborhood with a bike shop that could service all the different needs of the different bike riders in Portland. As we’ve grown, we’ve still kept our prices affordable, kept our programs going strong, and still try to be as friendly and inviting as we can to old and new faces alike.

It is imperative to us as a shop, and as people, to make bike riding fun and enjoyable. We want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible asking questions about accessories, parts, bike routes or just general information. We strongly believe in helping people understand things and not just selling things that they might not need or want.

We are run by a group of bike mechanics who have cumulatively 30 plus years of bike mechanics under their belts. We are all very different individuals who bring a lot of different things to our shop.

Kim Fey, Co-Director
Before the shop opened Kim was a bike racer and loved bike tours. She worked in the non-profit sector for nine years doing grant writing and development work. She loves her job at the shop more than anything. She loves making people feel at home and unafraid to ask any question at all about biking, repair, or accessories. She is an avid surfer and trail runner who constantly seeks out new places to explore.

Alex McFarland, Co-Director
Alex worked at the Community Cycling Center as an Instructor/Program Director from 1998 to 2002. He’s a huge fan of using your bike as transportation and making it fun! He’s directs our Community Repair Night and loves making people feel comfortable working on their bikes.

Shannon “Bob” Kendrick, President
Before the bike shop Bob was a mechanic at City Bikes for five years. She’s toured on her bike to San Francisco several times and did a month long bike tour of New Zealand. She loves working Women and Trans Bike Night and helping people learn how their bike functions. Bob also is a musician who plays in several bands and worked at the Rock Camp for Girls.